How You Can Profit from 3D Printing

When I first discovered 3D printing several years ago, I instantly knew it was magical. My mind was blown by the technology: an almost infinite amount of shapes can be “grown,” layer by layer, just by using a printer. This is going to be disruptive, I knew. It would empower entrepreneurs, freeing them from the constraints of traditional manufacturing.



What if I tell you that you can print money (or coins, really) using 3D printers?


3D Printing Services When You Do Not Have A 3D Printer

One of the things that I routinely hear from artists, makers, creators of all types is that they do not want to invest in a 3D printer, not yet. They want to get started slowly and test a few printers. Well, the best way to go about that is to use what is known as a 3D Printing Service Bureau.



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